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A3 size, painted with watercolor, black marker
for sale

Are u open for vision and new way of seeing? Would you like to experience creativity flowing in your li...

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Nomadic Heart Art Medicine is in each of us and we do hold a lot of gifts, sometimes hidden in the packets
Are you ready to face what is hidden, forgotten, missed, lost..
Nomadic heart art medicine wants to fall in love all over again and share the light
She does love sunrise and sunset, gathers ...

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Dear beautiful souls
I would like to share love from our Mother Nature and invite you for a session with me.
At the moment I do offer all my service by donation to share some magic and light.
Wish you all a peaceful day.


5 months ago
Iza is very talented soul with the ability to help you to see things which you would not normally do. Iza is very responsible, hard working and always gives more than you ask. I highly recommend her for Art or any healing work.
- Lucie V
5 months ago
Iza is a natural born healer. After receiving a deeply transformative session from her, I remember opening my eyes wide open and whispering in awe- 'you're a shaman'... Her years of training and life experience have gifted her a rich and diverse way of supporting others from an authentic, professional, heart centred and grounded place. I will always recommend Iza.
- Helen C
5 months ago
I have received shamanic healing from Iza and highly recommend her to anyone serious about working really deep. Iza is sensitive, compassionate, has a beautiful open heart and holds the most sacred safe space. Her many years of shamanic training, other training and life experiences allows us to feel totally safe and that is when deep work can really take place. Deep gratitude to Iza for my amazing healing!
- Claudia G

About me

My name is Iza - Iszna and I guess I can describe myself as a visual artist and holistic therapist based in Edinburgh.
I studied Art Pedagogy, Psychology in Education, Animation of Culture, trained as an energy therapist, shamanic practitioner, Vedic art , certificated in creative therapeutic sound, meditation & butoh dance.

For many years I was developing performance, movement, acting, butoh dance, and physical theatre, working and being trained internationally collaborating with beautiful souls from all around the world.

At the moment I continue my advanced training in shamanism and nature connection that is my main focus as my journey is guiding me to a place I can call home which is Nature.

I collaborate with The Planetary Healing Centre,  where I work, and offer my treatments.

I'm the founder of Nomadic Heart Art Medicine that is a combination of two disciplines: healing& art - creation based on a holistic approach. Each technique is individually adapt to the person or group's needs.

From an early age, I felt connected to Nature and Universe.
I never thought I would be learning about healing techniques, shamanism, but I do remember when my sister brought home some books with descriptions of shamanism and my heart start beating faster and the word Shaman brought so much curiosity.
Creativity, performance, butoh dance, acting, writing, painting, photography allowed me to open up find a way to express more freely.
My personal journey of healing brought me to the place where I'm now ready to share and support others.

Four years ago when I came to Edinburgh I began my training with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre - ESC. I am still studying shamanism with the ESC at an advanced level now. I have complete training with ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts, while at the same time became a certified teacher of Vedic Art technique.
I also facilitated woman's circles and I'm very passionate about it.

My love for our Mother Pachamama, traveling, a collaboration led me to a place of the heart.

Each day I tried to find time to connect with nature and capture her beauty and be close to her and share with others.

Nature connection has become part of my life.

Gratitude for nature, elements, guides, power animals, ancestors, spirits that teach me to be in symbiosis with the surrounding world.
Gratitude for Universal Connection
Gratitude to be alive and continue the journey of life

My service includes:
Shamanic Healing helps on the path to health, well-being, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth. The practitioners work on behalf of the client using a variety of techniques to remove blocks and life obstacles at the source, restoring the balance of mind, body, and spirit from disharmony.

This healing session will cleanse and balances the energy field removing negative energies by working with unconditional love. Deep work that is happening on chakras will help you to keep your energy field strong, balanced so you can live in harmony with yourself and surrendering around you.

Each ceremony and ritual is individually adapted to the client's needs and can happen indoor or outdoor. As a shamanic practitioner, I can help you and guide you to understand and develop-create a ceremony or ritual together. I use different healing methods and techniques, sound, affirmation, visualization.

An ancient sound medicine healing practice that works with the vibration healing quality for sound, using various instruments to bring health, balance, peace, and to invoke a state of relaxation. It can relieve certain ailments, including anxiety and insomnia.

Each session is individually adapted to clients' needs. I will share with you healing techniques according to meditation using breath, sound healing, oracle cards, affirmation, intention, visualization. movement. The session will help you to relax, restore, and calm your mind and body.

I do believe in the healing power of creativity. Each session is individually adapted to your needs, what you would like to work on, according to mental, physical health focusing on creativity, and help you to awake your ability to create.

Contemporary art method founded by the Swedish artist Curt Källma, based on 17 principles that are the heart of Vedic Art. I invite you for a personal development journey in which you can create from everything that surrounds you focusing on creativity, enjoyment.
All sessions are individually adapted to personal needs.
As a holistic practitioner, I do work with mind, soul, and body learning to create balance in life as we are one organism.

Prices are slightly different depends on the treatment, time, and financial situation: high / medium / low income / benefits.

Exchange: high / medium / low income / benefits  

Shamanic healing: £100 / £95 / £85 / £75 (90 min)

Feather Stone £100 / £95 / £85 / £75 (90 min)
Sound Healing: £100 / £95 / £85 / £75 (90 min)

Shamanic Healing for children: shamanic session for children up to
17 yrs old at the moment, it is possible online over the phone or zoom
- online: by donation (30 min)

Creativity Art Therapy:
£95 / £85 / £75 / £65 (90 min)

Vedic Art session:
in person: £65 / £55 / £45 (60 min)

Cancellations less than 24 hours incur a fee.

Contact :
The best way to contact me is by @:,
or just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible:
07561 387034

Iza&Nomadic Heart Art Medicine

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